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The art of version numbers

Yes I love Canon cameras, they are just great! So I am following the Canon brand and see how they can improve themselves.

So yesterday Canon made the long waited firmware update for the Canon 5D Mark II available. The firmware update now allows the camera to record movies in 24p frame rate. This is a huge deal in the movie world because of this frame rate gives a film like experience. So, it is fair to say that pretty much every Canon 5D Mark II owner has been waiting for this update.

So… think about the massive marketing opportunity Canon has in the professional camera market… its huge! And what would now have been better than keeping it simple and calling the firmware simply version 2.0 and not version 2.0.3. It is the second iteration of something that was already great, that is why it is version 2.0. Everybody gets that.

How beautiful would it have been to call the second itteration simply Firware Upgrade 2.0 ?