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Iceland’s Skyr – How healthy is healthy? – brand trust

We like(d) Skyr! Having been in Iceland twice it reminds us of this beautiful country, the nature, the freshness… everything that is good about Iceland. So, we were very happy to see Skyr here in the supermarket! While happily eating this delicious dairy treat I flipped over the the backside of the box. I literally could not believe what I was reading! E950, E951 and aspartame… WHAT? I thought, no .. I knew for sure that Skyr was the 100% pure nature dairy?

So I immediately went to http://www.skyr.is/ and guess what: you get a very healthy feeling from the brand ! There is even a Health section. From the site:

The healthy Icelandic cuisine springs from a Nordic heritage of fresh and wholesome foods prepared in simple ways. With Europe’s longest lifespan, the people of Iceland mix a nutritional heritage of hardworking farm living with a vibrant active lifestyle. Skyr is a part of life from infancy onwards and is considered a national treasure!

Wow! No mentioning everywhere about the additional artificial taste boosters and sweetener…

I wondered what was going on and checked all four Skyr variants sold here. It appears two of them have the E950, E591 and aspartame health boost, the others are natural.

The Skyr case is to me a good case on brand authenticity and honesty: the brand boozes health and nature but some of the products do not live up to that. The big question is: why is Skyr selling these?  What is the end result? A confused consumer that does not trust Skyr anymore being a really healthy alternative (or at least not prior reading the product ingredients!)

Your photos, music, videos safe… without worries and lots of trust

Here is my case: I have about 1TB worth of data I never want to lose! All those thousands of photos, music albums and videos. Most of it is stored on my iMac and then some digitized VHS tapes are stored on external drives. For everything stored on my iMac I do make regular backups to an external drive and utilize an online backup service (Mozy). So, it seems all under control, so what is the problem?

This is where the problem comes in: I am using more computers and other devices at home and would like to have access to my media without having my iMac turned on all the time. So, I am in the market for a home server or network attached storage (NAS). Of course, these will need to have hard disk mirroring (RAID) so that when one drive fails the other takes over and I (in theory) never should lose any data.  Here is where the issue comes in: after reading reviews of many many solutions there seem to be none without any issues…. some have data loss(!!), some have other issues. That makes me uncomfortable… I am planning to invest in a storage solution/ home server but basically still need to keep making separate backups ‘just in case’. Wow!

Here is an idea for manufacturers of storage solutions, home servers etc: create a solution that is truly safe of data loss and market it that way. Tap into the feeling of insecurity and provide trust. All in a package designed in an “Apple” way: beautiful and super easy to use. I am sure that with me there are plenty of people willing to pay the premium price!