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Apple Crushes the Creative Sector

Apple, once the beloved brand among creatives, seems to have lost its connection with its original core audience.

A Glimmer of Hope in 2022

In March 2022, Apple fans had a reason to rejoice. After years of neglecting the Mac Pro and witnessing the brief stint of the iMac Pro, Apple finally launched the all-new Mac Studio and Studio Display. This moment seemed like a turning point, prompting me to write an enthusiastic article proclaiming, Apple is back.

The Golden Era: 2004-2016

Between 2004 and 2016, Apple’s “Pro” line was synonymous with creativity and innovation. The apple.com/pro section celebrated the achievements of creative professionals. With the Studio launch, there was hope that Apple would rekindle its relationship with its creative audience.



A short-lived revival

Unfortunately, the revival was brief. In the latest  commercial for the Apple iPad Pro dashed these hopes by  crushing musical instruments, suggesting they had been replaced by the iPad Pro. This move displayed a complete lack of understanding of Apple’s core creative audience.

The backlash on social media was swift and fierce, prompting an apology from Apple:

“Our goal is always to celebrate the myriad ways users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed the mark with this video, and we’re sorry.”

Apple’s trend of sidelining the creative community is evident. As of now, none of Apple’s computers aimed at creatives have been updated with the latest chips. The new iPad Pro boasts the M4 chip, but the Mac Studio and Mac Pro are still running on the M2. To consumers, this suggests that the machines intended for creatives are two generations behind.

Apple’s recent action has raised further concerns about its commitment to the creative sector. While the launch of the Mac Studio and Studio Display provided a brief moment of optimism, the company’s subsequent actions, and no actions,  have left me wondering if Apple still values its creative roots.

Apple is finally back at its core with the all-new Mac Studio and Studio Display

Over the years Apple lost its touch with the creative sector. The Mac Pro got very little attention and hardly any updates. The iMac Pro came and vanished again.  But now Apple is back with the Mac Studio.

The launch of the Studio was about time.  In 1997 Steve Jobs returned to Apple and launched the Think Different campaign. The campaign was the start of the reintroduction of Apple and linked the company brand to a new computer category: the computer for creatives.

Between 1997 to 2002, Apple told buyers of PCs that a better and more exciting alternative was required next to the IBM PCs. The reason? If every human did the same, using the same tools, the outcome would be similar, and society would not progress.

To support establishing the new category, Apple featured and promoted the creative ideas of people like Alfred Hitchcock, Pablo Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi, and Thomas Edison in ads.

The company established the need for the computer for creatives and successfully linked it to the brand Apple. The Apple company and Apple products became known for products optimized for the creatives of our time. Apple computers quickly found their way into marketing, creative agencies, DTPers, designers, musicians, writers, and anyone who aspired to be creative. Apple linked the brand to those who shape business, science, or society.

After the successful linking Apple with the creative sector the company got very sluggish in serving the creative crowd.

The release dates of the Mac Pro (a product made for the PROs!) tell it all:
2006 – First generation
2013 – Second generation
2019 – Third generation

The iMac Pro did not even get pass one generation.

Any Studio owner must have been thinking many times to switch to powerful Intel and Windows machines!

Till now: The Mac Studio is the answer to the creatives. Even the name indicates where the product will be used: in the Studio.