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Remakes, sequels and spin-offs… “old TV series” with a better promise?

Over the last year or so there have been many remakes, sequels and spin-offs of old TV series. We had The Knight Rider, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and now in the beginning of November we will see V.

Old logo

I find it very interesting to follow feedback on these new versions of old series. It’s almost like the ultimate test to bring back a brand from the past. For those who know the brand it is about bringing back the good memories in modern context. For those who never experienced the brand in the past might have heard parents talking about it . Even though it’s not cool to like stuff your parents like(d) curiosity wins, you try and you are hooked. Mission accomplished: the brand has become relevant again.

I think that is happening with these series. It is a carefully crafted extension of the original brand promise, staying to the core of what made them cool in the first place but put in a modern context and adapting the stories to todays world.  So far it seems 90210 and Melrose Place are doing fine with exactly that. The Knight Rider failed miserably. You only need to watch 5 minutes of any episode on Hulu.com and you see why: it stayed too close to the original series. Back in the 80s a super car with talking robot (remember KITT?) was cool because it was hard to imagine it would ever exist, that excitement is lost when you put the story in the context of today. The Knight Rider core promise just became totally irrelevant.

V 2009 TV seriesWhat’s next: V!  I loved the series in the 80s! Then I saw it once in 2001 or so on TV and it was just… horrible. The characters and everything looked so fake… still the story should work still today, that is in a modern format with more professional effects. Cannot wait to see what ABC made of it: the visitors will arrive on November 3!

Old ‘home’ computer games: gimme one box that plays them all… :-)

MSXFollowing from my desire for retro stuff in the previous post I thought to share a long wish I have… with the hope that somebody picks it up!

What I am after is a hardware emulator that would allow to play those fantastic computer games from the 80’s on the TV. Remember the days of MSX and Commodore? I am imagining something the size of a phone, with connectors for two proper joysticks (not those horrible Playstation/Xbox controllers!), SD card reader and a connector for a keyboard.  That’s all:-)

Nokia N95 with MSX emulator (image by AllAboutSymbian)
Nokia N95 with MSX emulator (image by AllAboutSymbian)

I have tried using a phone (Nokia N95 with TV out) in a similar setup as the image here on the left. It works, it’s cool but… I miss that lovely lovely joystick!

So… for all of you reading and thinking “what’s the fuzz?” The fuzz is all about authentic gaming and a dose of really good memories! Again I am sure that there are plenty of 30 something folks out there that would love to play these fantastic games from our youth. A retro gaming evening anyone?

For those who never used these home computers:  Metal Gear was born on a MSX computer in 1987 and who would not want to play that original version!

Adidas: please bring back the real originals

AdidasRecently I bought a pair of Adidas Samba 80 shoes in the New York Adidas super store. It was a bit of a search to find the Adidas Originals in this massive store. I expected them to be in the shoe department but finally found a small collection on the second floor women’s department (picture). Unfortunately only a few of the cool shoes from the eighties present.

After my purchase I learned that there was actually a special Adidas Originals store in SoHo. Super excited to see a whole bunch of retro shoes I quickly went over. Unfortunately the goodies in the store are not that retro at all. It is merely a well designed space and is very inviting. And yes, for those of you have been at the Adidas Super Store in New York their Originals store does not have a black interior: thumbs up Adidas!!! (picture).

Once in the store I went quickly to the shoe area. Unfortunately the Adidas Originals brand mark equals nothing more than products that are inspired by the original designs. They are not the originals which is really to bad.

Gimme THAT shoe!
Gimme THAT shoe!

I am sure that I am not the only 30 something person who for a substantial feel good and remembering the old times factor is interested in the real stuff.

So Adidas, here is an idea: why don’t you start a line extensions under your Adidas Originals sub brand that would solo focus on the real originals. Let’s say the ‘Adidas Originals vintage collection’. First shoes and shirts and maybe over time other apparel. You could even do a limited time only deal…

I could see something around “Bring back the good old times with the Adidas Original vintage collection”

Yes please! 🙂