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Twitalyzer (Twitter) vs Interbrand and the power of the real time web

I just love Twitalyzer! After having used for a long time I really cannot say anything else… it’s GREAT! Twitalyzer offers  “a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any brand in Twitter”. Why I think it’s great? Because it is real time!

Twitalyzer measures:

  • brand strength – the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in Twitter
  • signal-to-noise ratio – likelihood that a brand mention will be coupled with a URL or a hashtag of some kind
  • favor – ratio of citations that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.
  • passion – likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly
  • clout – unique individuals referencing your brand divided by the total number of possible references

Results could very well vary day by day but hey… it’s real time after all! Below the top 10 from time and date of this post.

Twitalyzer top 10 on June 9 7:50PM EST: do you know them all?
Twitalyzer top 10 on June 9 7:50PM EST: do you know them all?

It’s really interesting to go through this list… sure some of the “brands” are actually not in the context of brands, twitalyzer just picks it up that way (e.g. heroes, ti) but never the less these are the “brands” being discussed, play a part in peoples live and/or their conversations… right now!

Now… compare that to the Interbrand 2008 list… none of the brands made it to the Twitalizer top 10… sure all of these brands are being discussed and used in conversations on Twitter but you see the difference.  Exception is Intel. In twitalyzer you find this brand on spot 16, with 2.46 mentions per minute from 1,097 unique authors.

Interbrand 2008... compare with the Twitalyzer top 10!
Interbrand 2008... compare with the Twitalyzer top 10!

I understand it is in a way comparing apples with oranges but you can see where this is going: the power of real time web with real time brand measurement will rule. And frankly it’s just great to see if a brand is part of the conversation… right now!