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Diapers.com: amazing brand experience

“We deliver everything but the baby” is the slogan of Diapers.com. A great one! And indeed they do deliver everything but the baby.

We use Diapers.com a lot. We just love the site. The layout is easy, the font is friendly and everything is somewhat playful.

Diapers.com has a smart approach to get you to buy more. Once you have bought things at diapers.com you will get a re-order mail that literally allows to reorder in seconds. How handy is that?

Recently something went wrong with one of our orders, a product was missing. So, I called the service number and had somebody on the line in seconds. The conversation was very friendly and casual. “I am sure the plant manager is very sorry as well for the missing item” (the plant manager…. wow!) “I already have reordered it for you and should be at your home within 2 days”, “again my apologies”.  I should perhaps have recorded this call, it was just so casual. So, a couple of days later I called again to see if I got the same experience and yes… their scripts are  perfect and so is obviously the training of the people in the call center.

This playfulness and friendly/casual approach can also been seen from their TV ad:

What can I say? When the total brand experience just works…. consumers will love you!