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Coca Cola: how do you get me hooked again?

About 4 months ago I decided to stop drinking coffee and Coca Cola. I was really drinking a lot of both every day. At the same time I stopped eating candies and reduced all my food intake after 8PM in the evening. All this had a great effect on my wellbeing: I lost a bit of weight and at the same time started to feel better and better.

My wife however is drinking some Coca Cola still and once in a while during these past 4 months I am taking a little sip, just to see how I react and curious about the taste.

Here is a funny thing: I find that the taste of Cola turned into something completely not desirable… I don’t even like it anymore, isn’t that weird? Remember: I was a real Coca Cola drinker! The first time it happened I thought that it is my mind trying to resist the addiction. I was wrong: it happens every time I try a sip.

Another interesting observation is that I cannot recall the taste of Coca Cola, isn’t that weird? I can easily recall the taste of Fanta, 7up and many other soft drinks, just not Coca Cola.

So, here is what I am thinking: the Coca Cola Company must have done some research in understanding people like me and how to get them hooked again. I simply do not belief that the brand image and brand desire of Coca Cola is made up from the feeling you get when consuming Coca Cola, or could it be?

Curious to read your views!