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FOX’s 24 Season 8: New York Gets Jacked… all from an LA studio…

Part of 24 full page advertisement in NY Times

O boy… I was excited hearing that FOX’s 24 Season 8 was going to take place in New York. Thought I would be able to catch a movie set or two. I remember seeing a “making of” after Season 3 or so and was totally prepared for some cool stuff.

Only a little later I found out that nothing in Season 8 was going to be taped here in New York which was a total disappointment.

Next: this weeks Sunday edition of the NY Times had a full page advertisement “New York Gets Jacked” with Jack Bauer standing on top of a NY taxi!

I mean… how could Fox pull this off? A full page advertisement that screams: watch watch watch: it is in New York (while it is not)

I had to watch the Season 8 premiere yesterday and I could not help thinking all the time scenes of New York were shown, Jack walking in streets of the city, NYPD, yellow taxis, the UN… It just felt…. totally fake.

So, here is my request for FOX: please make sure Season 9 is back in LA and do not think of picking another city unless you tape there. I understand 24 is fake to start with but taping everything from an LA studio makes it all very very fake. And a full page advertisement in the NY Times (of all newspapers) does not really help, at least for somebody living in NYC.

If a successful TV series like 24 was managed like a brand, how far would you go with losing “reality” ?  Or is this just written by somebody who’s favorite TV series was 24 and stopped believing 3+ Seasons ago? 🙂