Hello and welcome!
My name is Michiel Maandag.

My home country is The Netherlands and in the last 14 years I have lived in Finland and New York City and recently moved back to the Netherlands. This means that once in a while I might write a bit in the “Dutch/Finn/English” way. My advice: don’t bother when you read this blog, it is a personal touch:)

Why did you start this blog?
It is my belief that we as branding and marketing professionals give way too much credit to the consumer’s brand brains. We love to talk in brands, sub brands, master brands and more… but consumers don’t… so lets keep things simple. In this blog I try to make the complicated simple. I hope you enjoy it. 

Contact me
I am open for interviews, presentations, talks and more. If there’s anything you want me to post or have any questions, drop me a note at michiel at mondaybrand dot com.


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