3D TV will simply never fly when sun glasses are the requirement

About a year ago I wrote about the 3D TV (link) recommending TV manufacturers to go horizontal recapturing the content space currently lost to cable providers and only do 3D TV when it really works.

A year later it seems that TV manufacturers have indeed gone horizontal with Google TV appearing in Sony TVs and Plex in LG TV.

3D remains however a hot topic and is being pushed without that a good experience really exists. Today I saw 4 guys at the Sony Center battling for 3 available 3D glasses in the demo stand… it got even better when the fourth person started to look at his friends wearing the cool glasses: he was just laughing!

Yes, there is a market for 3D and no there will not be a mass market for 3D with 3D glasses. Why? Because in a mass market setup (read a family watching TV together while having some snacks and drinks) wearing these glasses is to put it simply: a stupid idea. Just imagine the situation: there you are with family and friends watching a TV show all wearing the glasses. But then there is this one person who forget his / her own glasses. O no! No 3D TV for that person, even better, no TV at all because watching 3D without glasses will make you feel sick really fast. Glasses are not practical for a medium  that is most of the time spontaneous.

Will 3D without glasses take off? It will, I am sure about it. It will be an enriched experience without any additional hassle, simply how TV should be. You press a button and you are entertained.

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