Packaging designers… do not forget to do a real consumer test before going to production

With a little baby our porridge consumption has gone through the roof these days! We are using organic porridge from Elovena (Raisio).
The porridge comes in a box that according to the manufacturer is new and very easy to use (“Uusi helppo”). I sooo wished the packaging designers at Elovena would have done some real consumer testing. I do not mean testing in a lab or focus groups but testing with parents who are using this product in the morning. This is a potential scenario: alarm goes off in the morning, parents step half sleepy out of bed, grab a box of Elovena from the closet. Sip coffee, pour oat flakes in the measuring cup and then #%&¤/#”%” oat flakes all over the kitchen table! This is what has happened to me now a couple of times.

It is easy to explain though: take a look at the package. You need to open the lid which completely destroys the stability of the package (see the fold in the carton where my hand is).

So when pouring the flakes in the measuring cup you need to balance the pack well in your hand otherwise you simply have flakes all over the place. Another huge downside with this kind of package is that it is very slow to fill the measuring cup with the correct amount.

So please Elovena change your “super easy” organic package to your standard package. It is really much easier to use, especially in those early mornings!

You are of course invited to our home to do real consumer testing, just arrive early 🙂

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