Restaurant closes of health issues: good PR and dirty kitchens do not go together

Here in New York city “Nino’s restaurants” seem some kind of institution with some people. There are Nino’s commercials on the local NY1 station featuring the owner of the numerous Nino restaurants: Nino Selimaj. In the commercial he is taking orders from customers, cooking in the kitchen, serving food and wine. He seems to be a master of everything doing everything. Last year Nino Selimaj came in the news when he offered free meals for Madoff victims.

This is how Nino describes Nino:

Wow! That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Ever wanted to eat a pizza with Bill Clinton? Nino’s is the place!

So I was totally surprised when I walked by Nino’s restaurant on the 2nd avenue today and noticed it was closed. I was still thinking that business might have gone bad after all or that simply too much money was spent on those ridiculous TV commercials but no, the place was closed by the commissioner of health and mental hygiene. That is serious stuff.

This changed my view of Nino’s in a blimp. One thing is for sure: I will not visit his restaurants. Every time I see Nino on TV preparing delicious looking dishes I can only think: this is a joke. And there you go: the Nino brand is been harmed for ever. It is simply not possible to combine a fancy restaurant chain with health issues.

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