Great CRM in practice at The Roosevelt Hotel in NYC

the-roosevelt-hotel-nyc Here is a great example of wonderful CRM in practice. We have enjoyed the breakfast buffet at The Roosevelt Hotel in the past and decided to return on Valentine’s Day.

After we got seated we found out that the great omelet grill was not there anymore. I asked one of the waiters what happened and he told me that due to the economic downturn they had to revisit some things. They lowered the buffet price but had to remove the buffet from the offering. This was said to hear. However the waiter understood we had been here before and mentioned that The Roosevelt wanted to make sure that loyal customers do not get disappointed and fixed us an omelette. I just love this: the waiter understood the situation and acted immediately on it. Roosevelt: we will back soon to enjoy your breakfast buffet (and we can live without the omelette too!)

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