Crunch’s private gym body tarp commercial: simply hilarious!

Saw this one tonight in the taxi. Soooo funny! It is simply the funniest commercial I have seen here in the USA for a long long time!

Crunch is a health club with locations in New York City, LA, Miami and some others. It ‘s philosophy is simple:

There are no judgments here – No too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way. What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone: all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to come reach them with us
Crunch. No Judgments.

What a great way to differentiate in the health club market!!

That philosophy is exactly what the commercial is all about, enjoy and have a good laugh!

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