Volvo, Abba, Ikea and no more Saab

Classic-Saab“Differentiate or die”… it cannot be more true for Saab.

A brand loved for what it was is sadly gone. After GM took over Saab was never really able to get back to its roots in terms of design and differentiation.

GM forced Saab to be part of the GM family. Saab cars started to be build using the same platforms as the other brands in the GM family. That was the beginning of the end. No more differentiation, no more ‘weird’ design elements, no more standing out from the competition and eventually no more Saab.

2 thoughts on “Volvo, Abba, Ikea and no more Saab”

  1. Hey Michiel,

    First, I like your blog.

    Second, I happen to own a Volvo (always been a big fan of the brand, ever since I was a kid and saw Simon Templar drive his sporty version) and now I see that Volvo is going to Geely. What is your opinion? Is this better than being owned by Ford or worse? What will the “made in China” stigma do to the brand? I’m sure it’s a good move for Geely though…thoughts?


  2. Hi Nik! Thanks! and sorry for the late reply!
    My thoughts on Volvo are that if the Chinese mgt is able to position their involvement just as investors and keep all operations at least perceptually in Sweden then it would work. Similar to how Ford did it.

    However as soon as operations start to move outside of Europe to China then the Volvo = Safety positioning is going to be jeopardized. It would not take to much to start a “viral” campaign with “Made in China” stickers to be put on Volvo bumpers (initiated by a competing brand or people who dislike Made in China) to destroy Volvo in a blimp. Or what about a viral rework of the great XC60 campaign “From Sweden with Löv” to “From China with toxic plastic”?

    What do you think?

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