Old ‘home’ computer games: gimme one box that plays them all… :-)

MSXFollowing from my desire for retro stuff in the previous post I thought to share a long wish I have… with the hope that somebody picks it up!

What I am after is a hardware emulator that would allow to play those fantastic computer games from the 80’s on the TV. Remember the days of MSX and Commodore? I am imagining something the size of a phone, with connectors for two proper joysticks (not those horrible Playstation/Xbox controllers!), SD card reader and a connector for a keyboard.  That’s all:-)

Nokia N95 with MSX emulator (image by AllAboutSymbian)
Nokia N95 with MSX emulator (image by AllAboutSymbian)

I have tried using a phone (Nokia N95 with TV out) in a similar setup as the image here on the left. It works, it’s cool but… I miss that lovely lovely joystick!

So… for all of you reading and thinking “what’s the fuzz?” The fuzz is all about authentic gaming and a dose of really good memories! Again I am sure that there are plenty of 30 something folks out there that would love to play these fantastic games from our youth. A retro gaming evening anyone?

For those who never used these home computers:  Metal Gear was born on a MSX computer in 1987 and who would not want to play that original version!

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