Adidas: please bring back the real originals

AdidasRecently I bought a pair of Adidas Samba 80 shoes in the New York Adidas super store. It was a bit of a search to find the Adidas Originals in this massive store. I expected them to be in the shoe department but finally found a small collection on the second floor women’s department (picture). Unfortunately only a few of the cool shoes from the eighties present.

After my purchase I learned that there was actually a special Adidas Originals store in SoHo. Super excited to see a whole bunch of retro shoes I quickly went over. Unfortunately the goodies in the store are not that retro at all. It is merely a well designed space and is very inviting. And yes, for those of you have been at the Adidas Super Store in New York their Originals store does not have a black interior: thumbs up Adidas!!! (picture).

Once in the store I went quickly to the shoe area. Unfortunately the Adidas Originals brand mark equals nothing more than products that are inspired by the original designs. They are not the originals which is really to bad.

Gimme THAT shoe!
Gimme THAT shoe!

I am sure that I am not the only 30 something person who for a substantial feel good and remembering the old times factor is interested in the real stuff.

So Adidas, here is an idea: why don’t you start a line extensions under your Adidas Originals sub brand that would solo focus on the real originals. Let’s say the ‘Adidas Originals vintage collection’. First shoes and shirts and maybe over time other apparel. You could even do a limited time only deal…

I could see something around “Bring back the good old times with the Adidas Original vintage collection”

Yes please! 🙂

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